Rocky’s Table – Relishing South Western Italian Delights at Sorrento

Of all the global cuisines that have tip-toed in India, Italian is the third most popular one led by Indian and Chinese. Italian has left majority of our population craving for more, and I haven’t been able to understand the reason behind it. This innate love for the cuisine inspired Sorrento @ The Shangri La, New Delhi to showcase delights from South Western Italian cuisine. The hotel revamped most of its F&B offerings and on boarded star chef Neeraj Tyagi, Director F&B Suveer Sodhi & Chef Rajiv Sinha who is the Indian lead at Sorrento headed by Italian Chef Luigi Ferraro who trained at Ipssar Castrovillari, Italy.

me and chef

Generally referred as the Neapolitan Cuisine, it derives influence from both Spanish & French styles while retaining its simple yet special rustic taste and feel. Undoubtedly, Pizzas & Pastas remain to be the most popular offerings by the chefs of the region.

Delicious and well-prepared, I had the most delightful meal at Sorrento. We relished the taste of variety of cheeses coupled with selection of cured meats presented on a platter, while drinking our Malts, Blends & Old Monk. This set the tone for the evening to follow! After long, I tasted the best bruschetta’s. Toppings included red cherry tomatoes bathed in extra virgin olive oil, roasted Pumpkin with sage & goat cheese, roasted chicken with mushrooms, & lastly figs interspersed with aged Modena balsamic vinegar, prepared finely.

Sorrento offers a huge variety of dishes under the pasta section! However, I opted for the recommended pasta – Casarecce with a southern Italian pesto made of soft ricotta, toasted pine nuts & basil. The pasta shape was different than regular, and looked more like calamari rings with an explosion of flavours. Then I ordered another pasta dish named The Agnolotti, which hails from the Piedmont region. Stuffed with rabbit & slow cooked pork, the dish faltered to live up to my expectations. The pasta was dough like, reducing the essence of stuffed meat. I have certainly had better Agnolotti before in Delhi.

After the pasta course, Pizza instantly followed! And we made the most obvious choice – Pizza Margherita! This one is considered as the nationalistic symbol since it carries national colours of Italy in honour of Queen Margherita of Savoy. The taste of smoked meat along with high quality mozzarella was well balanced along with deep red tomato sauce. The sauce, as per my deconstruction, was made with tomatoes & its juice, garlic, oregano, thyme, salt, pepper and sugar.

Next, we were thoroughly surprised by the most succulent lamb chops served with a red wine jus & peach puree, and the combination tasted heavenly! This last dish was nothing less than a masterful stroke to a strikingly beautiful painting. I will surely step in again to try the Sea Bass & the Black Cod for sure.

It won’t be justified if I do not mention the standard of service in here! I genuinely expected wrinkles in their services considering it was a busy hour, but it was a pleasant experience since all the guests were attended delightfully by the team led by Ashwani Kaushik.


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