En ~ Karma Fate in Japanese


14322265_1079428755497977_3316999604114435184_nEn ~ Karma Fate in Japanese is a beautifully located restaurant affording fantastic views of the Qutab Minar, where most expat Japanese go to dine.You want to see their buzz get to En at around 6:30pm.
The restaurant boasts a Japanese speaking Manager to interface both with the Guests and to help interpret a detailed conversation with the Chef which is rather innovative. (more…)


The Gourmet Passport lists its first Delicatessen


datefbThe Gourmet Passport lists its first Delicatessen and its non other than Lavaash Deli by Saby.
Be a confectioner with a difference. That is the brief that Chef Saby has led with and that is exactly what patissier Neha Lakhani has created. Tastes & flavour & finishes that need to be admired. The cakes moist, the tarts just right the mousse creamy and all this done with no gelatine; no colours; no preservatives.


Delhnavi Cuisine

International Italian

gbd_nA little over a year ago I came across a video showing our Sutradhaar for the evening Diwan Gautam Anand in his elements introducing the Delhnavi Cuisine or what is also called Dehalvi; the cuisine of Delhi or should I say Dilli.
I was very fascinated about its history and style of service and had wanted to offer this experience to the members & friends of the #GourmetPassport app. (more…)