Lavaash by Saby is a hidden gem, perfect in the monsoon!

Lavaash by Saby is a one of its kind restaurant that shall take you through a journey of time with flavours that have not been showcased before in this country.

One of the two outstanding tastes that lingered on my palate post dining at Lavaash by Saby were the Koobideh Kebab, which is a Iranian street food kebab made with minced beef & lamb both in the ratio of 70% meat and 30% fat. Here it seemed that Chef Saby opted to use a combination of lamb & goat meat with minced onions that are drained, some cloves of garlic, ground black pepper, egg for binding and a handsome sprinkle of sumac and salt. These kebabs are roasted on flat skewers and the mince very tightly packed, served with warm Lavaash and a fresh salad. The taste is so authentic that one could very easily just order these kebabs and wash them back a few drinks make a great evening.

lavaash pic1
The other was the Mochar Puff which is totally inspired by the Nahoums vegetable puff. It is made with banana blossoms wrapped around with flaky puff pastry with a nice spicy finish combined with the tomato chutney. 

lavaash pic2

This brain child of Chef Saby is a reflection of his childhood in Asansol and presents a cuisine that has influenced the palate of Indians for centuries now. It is a culmination of food of the Armenians that had entered our country, amalgamated with the influence of the food of Calcutta that has been passed down the lineage.

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