Lavaash by Saby is a hidden gem, perfect in the monsoon!

Lavaash by Saby is a one of its kind restaurant that shall take you through a journey of time with flavours that have not been showcased before in this country.

One of the two outstanding tastes that lingered on my palate post dining at Lavaash by Saby were the Koobideh Kebab, which is a Iranian street food kebab made with minced beef & lamb both in the ratio of 70% meat and 30% fat. Here it seemed that Chef Saby opted to use a combination of lamb & goat meat with minced onions that are drained, some cloves of garlic, ground black pepper, egg for binding and a handsome sprinkle of sumac and salt. These kebabs are roasted on flat skewers and the mince very tightly packed, served with warm Lavaash and a fresh salad. The taste is so authentic that one could very easily just order these kebabs and wash them back a few drinks make a great evening.

lavaash pic1
The other was the Mochar Puff which is totally inspired by the Nahoums vegetable puff. It is made with banana blossoms wrapped around with flaky puff pastry with a nice spicy finish combined with the tomato chutney. 

lavaash pic2

This brain child of Chef Saby is a reflection of his childhood in Asansol and presents a cuisine that has influenced the palate of Indians for centuries now. It is a culmination of food of the Armenians that had entered our country, amalgamated with the influence of the food of Calcutta that has been passed down the lineage.

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Dine Lavishly On All Your Big Occasions

Food brings happiness and eating a wholesome extravagant meal induces feelings of mirth and euphoria that hit right in the gut. It is safe to say that there are two things that everyone loves to take part in- fancy eating and celebrations. Both of can be combined to have a gala time altogether.

Big occasions occur in our life every now and then. Of birthdays, anniversaries or celebrating other kinship bonds; it all calls for good times together, no? And these big occasions are followed by celebrations that shout for lavish dining at fancy lunches and dinners.



Planning Perfect Birthday Party For Your Little One!

Your little one’s birthday is just round the corner and your mind must be brimming with several ideas to make the birthday bash a little more extra special. There are just so many things to be done, from party invitations to decorations, fun games to cake, theme to menu; everything has to be perfect to make the party worth all the money that you are splurging on it. If too many birthday ideas are making you too much confused then here is a break for you.
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Why You Need To Spend Quality Time With Family?

Do you remember when was the last time you sat with your entire family and had a heartfelt conversation with them? If you are finding it hard to recall that time then it is high time to organize something special for your dear ones.

Organizing a special family dinner sounds just about perfect to nurture family bonds. You can also grab special offers for best happy hours restaurants in Delhi to fetch special offers at best prices. If you are still wondering why family time is so important, here are some cues for you.

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Great Deals for Great Meals!

The food and beverage business is booming all year round. New restaurants with exotic cuisines open up every other day. The competition is rising and the options for an extravagant dining experience just keep increasing for consumers. The Delhi NCR region has some of the best diners, restaurants, bars and cafes making it difficult to choose for people who want to have a good time. Sometimes, they can even leave a hole in your pocket just to enjoy a lavish meal.


Rocky’s Table – Relishing South Western Italian Delights at Sorrento

Of all the global cuisines that have tip-toed in India, Italian is the third most popular one led by Indian and Chinese. Italian has left majority of our population craving for more, and I haven’t been able to understand the reason behind it. This innate love for the cuisine inspired Sorrento @ The Shangri La, New Delhi to showcase delights from South Western Italian cuisine. The hotel revamped most of its F&B offerings and on boarded star chef Neeraj Tyagi, Director F&B Suveer Sodhi & Chef Rajiv Sinha who is the Indian lead at Sorrento headed by Italian Chef Luigi Ferraro who trained at Ipssar Castrovillari, Italy.

me and chef



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Delectable Dishes to Fix Hunger Pangs

“I don’t feel hungry” said no foodie ever. Food is certainly the purest form of love in our lives. Multiple global and Indian cuisines, from noodles to spaghetti, from butter chicken to shrimps – everything has been just as favourite as the next item on the menu! And every foodie would vouch for this fact. But at times when we crave for yummy dishes, we end up confused – what to eat and what to leave. This blog will touch upon certain dishes that rejoice the art of sinful eating:-

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Important spices used in Indian cuisine

For a dedicated foodie like me, there is no love greater than the love for food. Being brought up in an Indian household where cooking good, scrumptious food is as important as breathing, falling in love with Indian flavors came naturally to me.

Though I cherish Italian, Korean, continental, and Chinese cuisines equally but my love for Indian food overpowers all. I always wondered what makes Indian palate so special. Well, the secret lies in those pungent and tangy spices that give Indian cuisine its unique flavor. The mix of Garam Masala, cardamom, cloves, and cinnamon is delightful, good enough to trigger your taste buds.

Indian Cuisine Spices



Alan Yau

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